Announcing: the first ever Public Collectors benefit!
Public Collectors has been going strong without a single grant and with minimal outside support since 2007. In order to add some funding for future projects to the pot, including a presentation of the project about Malachi Ritscher that will happen at Experimental Sound Studio's gallery in the Fall, and upcoming publishing work, I’m doing a little benefit.  
For $25.00 postpaid in the U.S. I will send you at least three Public Collectors publications (Paper Blog 2, Fashion Illustrations by D. ‘Jame, and Malachi Ritscher), at least one artist publication I’ve made over the years, and a set of six different stickers I made way back in 1997. Every order will get these things.Additionally I’ll add in a whole bunch of other material that could include records, ‘zines, artist books, magazines and other publications, old sci-fi novels, art multiples, religious tracts, found photos, ephemera, and various other odds and ends - whatever else fits into a cardboard mailer designed to hold five records. Your package will be very much in the spirit of the things I share on this blog, and may even include things that I’ve posted. To help make each package more specific to you, and to make this more fun, please use the add instructions feature on Paypal to tell me more about your interests, include a link to your blog or website, and also please indicate if you have a record player. The more information you give me about what you like, the better your benefit package will be.
Because of the high cost of overseas postage, this offer is only available in the U.S. If you’d like to contribute more than $25.00 to help Public Collectors, just select one of the higher amounts offered, and I will just send you more stuff or better stuff.
Thank you all for your interest in this initiative over the years. It remains very meaningful to me that people value what Public Collectors does and I hope to meet more of you off the internet one of these days. I’m always super happy when someone comes up to me at an event and tells me that they follow this Tumblr. And even if you can’t support Public Collectors, please consider sharing this post.
Thank You! - Marc Fischer



syber-slut: Hey! I love your blog so much, but I was wondering what the inspiration/ideas were behind it. I think the pictures you post are facinating, but how do they relate to frank pollard, and what do agency questions mean? Sorry to bother you, Hve a gr8 day


its just all my work. The agency is something that happened to me after i died when i was 17. Ever since that event i have had a difficult time telling the difference between being awake and asleep. in theory it sounds fun but trust me its terrifying. So over the years the “agency” developed unconsciously in order to give me the tools i need to survive in a world with rules or reason. the artwork is a by product of this state and made in the character of this cold war style organization. surveillance of unreal environments and video documentation has become the focus of the internet artwork. the videos are reenactments of these places that don’t exist but are as real to me as walking down the street. its really just the agency archive that your seeing. out of context and split up for tumblr.

hope that helps
Frank Pollard